Top 5 Corvette Cars

The corvette has long been one of the most popular and sought after cars in America and across the world as well. The car is known to be a staple of American culture and they have been around for 66 years (the 2018 model marked the 65th anniversary of the car). The Corvette is known for being sleek in design, fast, innovative, powerful and did we say fast? These cars are popular for many reasons and these cars aren’t playing by any stretch of the imagination.

Here are some of the top Corvettes of all time:

1955 Corvette V8

This was only the third model of the Corvette as it made its debut 1953 but it was definitely one of the most iconic of all time as it came with a 265 cubic inch engine which was unique and novel at this time especially in combination with the powerful three-speed manual transmission. These upgrades were arguably the thing that put the Corvette back on the map as a high-performance vehicle.

1963 Corvette Stingray

The 1960s marked the second generation of Corvettes which are known and arguably some of the best looking Corvette and even the sleekest of all cars. The second generation that started back in 1963 was distinguished by its split windows and the most powerful engine the Corvette series had seen yet.

1970 Corvette Stingray LT-1

This car was one of the style icons of the entire decade and its curvy and sleek design was sought out all over the world. The C3 was also one of the last cars with this size engine as manufacturers were forced to decrease engine size as demand shifted to cars with better fuel economy.

1990 Corvette ZR-1

A Lotus designed engine, digital dashboard, and beautiful designs; there are so many things that were revolutionary and iconic about this car. This was a saving grace for Chevrolet as the C3s took a turn in popularity in the late ’70s. These cars were also innovative, having introduced things like the digital dashboard and other technology.

2017 Corvette Grand Sport

This is the fastest Corvette to date. It drives smooth, looks great and boasts some of the finest technology, design, and craftsmanship that the Corvette series had seen to date. Its 650 horsepower engine allows and enables this beautiful vehicle to reach unmentionable speeds.

The innovation does not stop as the new Corvette is electric and focuses on staying true to the Corvette brand while taking the environment and consumer needs and demands into consideration. This Corvette is so impressive from head to toe and will be made in small batches and come at a relatively steep price tag. These will be on the higher end of the price range of Corvettes. If paying over 100 000 USD is not for you, given the fact that these cars come in all shapes and sizes, you can score one for as low as 20 000 USD and anywhere in between.

It is exciting to think about and anticipate the moves that Chevrolet will make to keep the Corvette relevant, beautiful and to continue to meet the needs and demands of the ever-changing consumer. With that said, the old Corvettes will always be in style and are timeless. Even the models from way back stand out among classics.