Corvette Fans Meet Ups

There are undoubtedly a lot of famous cars which draw the interest of many people. One that always tops the list is the Corvette. Not only because of its impressive looks, but also because of its outstanding performance on the racing circuit. As a result of both of these facts, this car has a lot of avid fans.

Fan Meet Ups

When a group is passionate about something, they often like to come together with other like-minded people. This is certainly true for the Corvette lovers. In the US and Canada, it is common for meet ups to be arranged and hosted by different groups.

Corvettes of Bakersfield

This group arranges meet ups in their local area for all those who have an interest in Corvettes. This group is well known for participation in many different events, as they are avid fans of this classic car. The meet up is focused on bringing the community together based on a common interest. Those who are Corvette owners and others who aren’t, but have an interest in them are encouraged to participate. The group is also trying to provide support for local restaurants in the area. They encourage those who are attending the meet up to enjoy some of their favorite foods at a nearby local restaurant.

Black Hills Corvette Classic

This is another excellent meet up which is growing in popularity as it is an annual event. Hundreds of Corvette owners will bring their cars to this meet up. It is attended by a large group of those who have a passion for this vehicle.

Corvettes at Carlisle

This is a huge meet up and is classed as a major event, held at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds. The August 2019 event is scheduled for a four-day run. For those who enjoy seeing a large collection of Corvettes all in one place, then this is the meet up to attend, as there will be more than 5000 of these cars attending. It is said that show visitors come from all parts of the world to attend this meet up. Along with the cars themselves, there are plenty of other activities going on, such as lots of shopping which includes an automotive flea market.

Sulphur Springs Corvette Club

Another type of meet up is the one which is held by this club. They hold an annual fan drive and in one event partnered up with local senior citizens. This type of event makes a meet up all the more special.

Anyone who is a lover of Corvettes can start their own fan club, and when doing so, arrange their own meet ups. It is a great way to band together with other groups.