Corvette Car Modifications

Owning a stunning Corvette in its original state is a pleasure in itself. However, some individuals are intent on doing extra modifications to these beauties. Those who do so have their own unique reasons, and they have some great modification options to choose from.

The Classics

Anyone who has an interest in the Corvette is definitely going to have an appreciation for the classics, particularly those models from the 50s and 60s. Unfortunately, these cars can draw some unwanted attention from those who would rather steal these vehicles, than invest in one.

Investing in a Corvette

Anyone planning to invest in a Corvette is going to need a substantial budget to do so. This is especially true if they are planning on doing some modifications to it. The good news is that there are some great financial institutions which can help when it comes to buying a Corvette.


Once the Corvette has been purchased, then the excited new owner may be interested in doing some modifications. They may want to become known as the person who changed the horn to play the imperial march tune, meaning their Corvette is going to draw even more attention than usual.

For those who own a C6 model, then they may want to consider the following suggestions.

Exhaust Upgrades

Installing a new exhaust system is often high on the list when it comes to a Corvette modification.

  • C6 Corvette Z06 Exhaust Kit

For the C6 there is an option to have the Borla Catback exhaust system installed. The choices here include the C6 Corvette Z06 Exhaust kit. It boasts the sport pipe which is going to increase the noise to how a corvette should sound. It also possesses a 3” pipe.

  • C6 Corvette Exhaust B&B Fusion System

Here, the Billy Boat Fusion system is a popular choice. It has optimized efficiency, which leads to outstanding performance. It functions well in different types of driving conditions. Many find the bi-modal design to be most impressive. The choices which come with this exhaust system are for a quiet ride or a transition into one that is loud and attention-getting.

Air Intake

Another favorite Corvette modification is the Air Intake System. A good choice here is the C6 Z06 Corvette LS7. This Airaide cold air intake kit is one which knows how to meet the wants and needs of the corvette owners. The combustion inflow chamber is stepped up a notch, so the end results will be an increase not only in horsepower but in mileage. Another drawing factor about this unit is the ease in which it can be installed.

Engine Modification

For another exceptional modification, it means looking at the C6 Corvette Bolt-On Coil-Over Kit. What can be expected from this modification is that the ride height can be adjusted. When it comes to driving the Corvette, it will mean better handling and increased driving stability.

There are undoubtedly a lot of advantages to doing modifications on a Corvette. At the same time, owners of these vehicles must keep in mind what the insurance companies allow and how it will affect the insurance costs.

It is essential to have the modifications done by a qualified professional who works on vehicles such as these. Nobody wants their Corvette damaged because of inferior work.